Welcome at my photo gallery about the
Dutch Aviodrome Lockheed Constellation N749NL

With this gallery i am trying to tell you the restoration story in Fokker's hangar 13 from
the day i joined the team which was in November 2003 till now.
My dear brother a long time Aviodrome volunteer, if some one has to be blamed it is him, asked me to do some little things and to come visit the Connie over and over again until i could not refuse anymore, you have to know that my department at Fokker Services is no more then 50m away from Hangar 13 so it was kind of hard to find new excuses. Still you have to believe me when i say that i really tried to stay away from this project afraid as i was to be infected with this strange kind of virus as well.
When i finally gave in it got to me after all, silent and quickly.
Don't think i regret though as i became a member of a magnificent team.
Working on the Connie is a joy, smelling and hearing the engines roar over whelming and flying on board of the Connie unforgettable.

So i hope you will enjoy the images with the same passion as i tried to put into them.
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